HHD-Pipe 360 Innovations
In response to client needs, CCI has developed the PIPE-360 Pipeline Review System to assist with current and future pipeline project planning projects – enabling companies to make more informed decisions. Concurrently, a mobile app is being created to enable any pipeline company to export their data into the app and perform similar and analyses. 
DirectPipe-HDD Drilling 
Completion of the Design and First DIRECT PIPE® installation in Canada. Used successfully in Europe and other countries, this method combines the advantages of micro-tunneling and HDD technology and allows speedy, highly economic installation of pipelines – a design that save CCI clients time and money.
HDD Wellpad-Innovations
CCI has developed the ability to monitor actual loads that the product pipe encounters during the installation (pull back) of a Horizontal Directional Drilled Crossing. This procedure gathers information on the product pipe stresses incurred to ensure that design and construction processes do not compromise the integrity of the product pipe.
Annular Pressure Model
CCI is the leader of the implementation of this technology that has revolutionized the HDD industry by providing indications of ground integrity and enabling success rates to increase from 50% to 99%.
For wellpad and road planning projects, CCI’s WELLPAD-360 is an end-to-end, cost-effective solution that examines all factors and places the utmost importance on constructibility and feasibility.