The team at CCI has the unique ability to offer a full-service package from initial route and location scouting to construction and reclamation. Our professionals will offer both expertise and practical experience to complete the following services in this field:

  • Initial table top studies to review constraints and options for the placement of pads and roads (this will include the use of LiDar and working with the client to optimize the balance of drilling / facilities costs, environmental challenges and the cost of earthworks).
  • Detailed field scouting and design. Within our team, we can supply the level of detail needed to minimize geotechnical and engineering risks while balancing the best route/location for the specific project.
  • Construction scoping and management. CCI can provide procurement packages and field personnel to manage all phases of construction.
  • With a strong background in the regulatory and environmental fields, we are able to provide assistance to our clients in obtaining surface approvals, completing the needed environmental reporting to regulators and other stakeholders, monitoring and assisting with drilling waste disposal plans and providing full reclamation services.